Life Coaching and Personal Development Courses in Australia

Life Coaching and Personal Development Courses in Australia

Each person has a unique view of understanding life and with this comes the different coping mechanisms that people tend to tap, especially in times of crises. Some shrug it off and say that life isn’t about thinking but really more of doing. Some say that they cannot afford to think about what to do next because they are too busy about what to do now to survive. Some result to faith and charity. Some consult therapists or psychiatrists. Some consider Life coaches.

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is the process of helping people understand their true values to identify and achieve personal goals. It is sought at any given point in a person’s life and can be the catalyst for specific milestones for some.

Life coaching is not…

  • a solution to a problem or life crises
  • a therapy session
  • a counseling session
  • an alternative to psychiatric evaluation
  • a manual to follow to live happily

A life coach will primarily:

  • Ask you the right questions to guide you in identifying and achieving your goal or making a change in your life.

Asking the right questionsFor some who’s had either the “Let’s face it, life is so short and there seems to be too little time to do everything we want and we end up not doing anything at all.” or the “I don’t know what I want anymore.” statement for a while, it is extremely difficult to find out what exactly is missing or the problem.

Life coaches will help you filter through that and assist you in doing some sort of check and balance in your life. If the goal has already been identified, the life coach can assist in making them SMART objectives and manage them effectively.

Knowing the goals is different from meeting them and life coaches will encourage you to take action. Their main role is to bring you from the starting point to the finish line.

  • Be your soundboard.

Life coaches will keep your vision intact. They will help you assess, evaluate and take action to initiate and eventually change what seems to be the road-block preventing your success or your goal. They will echo your achievements and keep you on the right direction towards your vision.

  • Be your planner.

Life coaches are strategists. They are trained to keep you within reach of your goal and this includes providing you the necessary skills, methods or even tactics to reach a logical and practical approach on any given matter. Especially if it includes referring you to a counselor, psychiatrist or other experts for non-life coach areas.

  • And more importantly, they will remind you that you are responsible for your own life.


  • Purpose and direction

Those who have a life coach will tend to realize that their life is not about the issues and problems that they have everyday, but rather the solutions available to them to take. Identifying goals as guided by life coaches will provide a renewed understanding of a person’s short and long-term goals. The path to ensure that the goals are met is kept at proper pacing/movement in life coaching.

  • Accountability

Self ConfidenceOne of the most common reasons why people choose to be passive is the concept of, “I don’t have control over what’s happening to me everyday…” Life coaching makes a person accountable for all their actions and will help one be more active in shaping their lives and achieving their goals

  • Confidence

Confidence is built on achievements earned by achieving short-term goals and successes built on long-term goals that are met. Life coaching includes the coach acting as facilitator and motivator in order to be consistent and effective in implementing and maintaining change.

All of these are present and critical in addressing the areas covered in life coaching.

How to become a coach

One must exhibit the right skills and behavior to be a life coach. Training and certification is essential. Here are potential institutions to consider:

  • International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Interprofessional Education Collaborative iPec
  • Coach Training Alliance (CTA)
  • Board Certified Coach (BCC)
  • National Coach Academy (NCA)
  • The Institute for Life Coach Training